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Who We Are

International pensions are a minefield. Any expat knows this. It’s hard to know where to go, who to trust and what fees you’re paying.

It shouldn’t be this difficult. This is your life savings we’re talking about. You want someone who knows the territory inside out and won’t let you down, especially when you’re thousands of miles away from home. You need peace of mind. and our partners will take care of your international pension so that you can concentrate on enjoying your retirement – wherever it may be!

Who we work with

We partner with the leading local pension advisors in each country location. Once you have made an enquiry, you will be supported by a licensed & regulated local pension expert who will guide you through the decision-making process and beyond.

Offering pension solutions from the world’s leading pension houses, you can always find the best plan for your specific needs.

Save for your future!​

We’re here to help you save for your future. Whether that be for your retirement, purchasing your first home, or your children’s higher education fees, having the discipline to save month on month will help you achieve your life goals!

Here’s Mr. Freeman to tell you all about – CHECK IT OUT!

United Nations Global Compact

At SaveSavvi we are not just doing business, we are doing business right. As part of the wider international community, companies have a key role to play in the global effort towards a bright & sustainable future: a world in which success stories are told by the many, not the few. We cherish values that promote integrity and cooperation, and actively seek out steps towards improvement for all and which benefit this planet we share. To help us down this road we look to the highest level of authority when structuring our business code. Partnering with the UN Global Compact Initiative is a hallmark of our commitment to keeping up-to-date with best practices & putting them into action. This pact enshrines Ten Principles to regulate business conduct which put people and the environment above all else, that’s why we couldn’t resist telling you about it here

To learn more about this wonderful initiative, you can find us at:

People Are Talking

I saved $720 on my family’s health insurance renewal by comparing the market at – my husband was happy! – Sara De Witt
I wasn’t aware that you could purchase life insurance online whilst living abroad. Very happy. – Javier Alvicar
The maternity insurance plan I purchased from saved my husband & I over $30,000 in medical bills after I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Thank you. – Ilse Weber
I have a genuine peace of mind now that I can control my own retirement planning. The online international pension solution is perfect for my situation. Would recommend. – Marco Rossi
I was able to purchase my German health insurance prior to leaving the States, which made the process of moving abroad a lot easier. – Josh Franklin

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