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United Nations Global Compact

At SaveSavvi we are not just doing business, we are doing business right. As part of the wider international community, companies have a key role to play in the global effort towards a bright & sustainable future: a world in which success stories are told by the many, not the few. We cherish values that promote integrity and cooperation, and actively seek out steps towards improvement for all and which benefit this planet we share. To help us down this road we look to the highest level of authority when structuring our business code. Partnering with the UN Global Compact Initiative is a hallmark of our commitment to keeping up-to-date with best practices & putting them into action. This pact enshrines Ten Principles to regulate business conduct which put people and the environment above all else, that’s why we couldn’t resist telling you about it here

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GDPR Compliant

Let’s talk about our handling of your data. From the outset we have known that one of the best ways we can honour visitors to our site—who are enormously appreciated!—is to maintain impeccable standards of privacy and implement a philosophy which puts you in control of how all personal data is used. The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are a new EU directive which sets tougher standards for data handling, focusing on the rights of the individual over organisations. While other companies were left wishing they had built their systems from the ground up with GDPR in mind, we were proud to have been doing just that all along.

Premier League Sponsor

As a founding member of the football league, Burnley FC is a club with a long and rich history. The club logo centres upon a lion which reflects our own values of strength, courage and leadership. These qualities are on display, week in, week out, as the club has gone from strength to strength in the English Premier League, culminating in their qualifying for the Europa League. As well as being heroes on the world stage, Burnley FC is a club which hasn’t forgotten its grass roots. Their exemplary level of investment in the local community and youth programs, together with strongly prevailing policies of health promotion, education and inclusiveness at the club, has won our support.

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The Money Advice Service

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