Real Estate in Spain: Insights From Fia Addicks

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Fia Addicks, a native of the Netherlands, has been successfully working together with Zome Malaga for the past 2 years. Zome is the leading real estate company in Andalusia, supporting Malaga and its surrounding towns. 

Zome Malaga has recently partnered with, to support their expat clients with their international insurance needs. Find out more about Zome Malaga, what they do, who they assist, and what sets them apart from their competitors, in our interview below!

What inspired you to emigrate to Spain initially?

From when I was about 15/16 years old, I always said to my friends and family that I was going to live in another country where the weather is better than in Holland. I always have loved the beach and the sun so in 2017 I booked a vacation to Spain to start learning the language and to taste life in Malaga.

What attracted you to the Real Estate industry?

Well, I always loved those TV shows about houses, home staging, etc. But actually because of a friend I came in touch with the real estate world. I entered Zome, got loads of training, went out on the street, and here I am! Selling on average +1 apartment per month.

Could you tell us a bit more about Zome’s services?

Absolutely! We’re always putting our clients first. Always thinking smart, and explaining what clients will and can expect. We’ve got more than 25 years of experience in this sector. A team with a lot of people to cover “any possible problem” in the process when buying or selling. Legal department, Fiscal department, Lawyer, Marketing, Financial department, etc. 

What nationality of property buyers can Zome support?

Every nationality! I myself speak 3 languages fluently, Dutch, Spanish, and English, and my clients are 50% Spanish and 50% foreigners. So don’t worry about a thing 😉 

What can you tell us about the latest trends in the real estate market in Andalusia? 

Investments. People want to buy properties with a rental license to rent out for airbnb/, although I prefer to work with properties where people are really going to live in. There is nothing wrong at all with investments properties, I want to invest myself as well. But when you really can help people achieve their dreams to buy their dream house, for me, that makes me so happy and grateful and gives me a big drive to help even more people! I know how it feels to have a dream to live in another place where you feel better, and when you achieve that goal, that’s priceless.

How does Zome stand out from other real estate companies in the Malaga area?

We are a big company, with almost 35 agents working in and around Málaga. Collaborating in sales with other agencies like the American style. The company has a system and a very good one. From service presentations, professional marketing, monthly resumes, weekly communication with clients, the 25 years of experience, and super important, the motivation of all colleagues to serve our clients with the best quality and the best quantity. 

What does the future of Zome look like over the next 18 months?

In 18 months, Zome probably will have more agencies around in Spain. In Portugal, there are about 18 offices, and they are growing super fast. At the moment we have Málaga, Madrid, and Logroño. Because of our working system, things can not go wrong! So I am sure that Zome Spain will expand a lot!

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