Top 5 Best Countries for Expats to Live in 2021

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Deciding to move abroad is the first step, and now you get to choose the perfect country to live in. The world is huge of course, so we can help you narrow down your search. The best countries to live in are different depending on who you ask, but these top 5 countries to live in tend to be favorites among expats. Let’s get started! 

Top 5 Countries to Live In

Sweden: Family comes first  

Sweden is one of the best countries to live in, because of its exceptional childcare and affordable cost of raising children. There is also a work/life balance, job security, and a great quality of life. Healthcare, social security, welfare, and education are of a high standard, but this means that taxes are also high. 

The average annual salary is about 600,000 kr and the average monthly expenses for one person is about 20,000 kr. Sweden is considered to have a high cost of living, but the work/life balance is excellent. Many offices let their employees off at 4pm and some are trying a 6 hour work day. 

The culture is family-oriented and one of the top countries to have children. If you have a baby while in Sweden, you and your partner will have 480 days of parental leave divided between both of you. Also, learning some Swedish is important to living there and the state even offers language courses. The locals are kind but don’t typically do small talk, and some expats can feel a culture shock. The most likely destination for expats is Stockholm, and many people living there join expat clubs to meet people.

Australia: Sun, sea, surf… what’s not to love?

Australia is one of the best countries to live and work in, because it offers such a wonderful lifestyle. The weather is almost perfect, life is more laidback, the culture is quite diverse, and it has a great work/life balance.

The community is very friendly and most people feel that they are happy. It isn’t too difficult to meet people and feel welcomed. Healthcare, social security, and education are typically of very good quality, but taxes are pretty high. Also, Australia can be considered a great country for expats to retire due to the relaxed lifestyle.

Living in a city has the most opportunities for a well-paying job, especially Sydney and Melbourne. The salaries are high, but so is the cost of living. The average annual salary is about A$82,000, and the average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre is between A$1,800 and A$2,600 a month.

Singapore: Asia for beginners 

Singapore is known for its wage growth, high-paying careers, and low income tax. It is expensive to live there, so you will want to be career driven. The average annual salary or pay package for expat middle managers is about S$325,000. It is also considered Asia for beginners by expats, because it is more of a western-style country.

One of the best countries to live in 2021 definitely could be Singapore. The quality of education is considered one of the best in the world, and the quality of childcare is of a similar excellent standard. It is an extremely safe country with police typically arriving in less than 10 minutes. The streets are well lit at night and it is not dangerous to walk around. Also, it is extremely clean, and seeing any trash on the ground would be very rare. 

The public transportation is very convenient and affordable, and you will never need to own a car. There are buses, taxis, mass transit trains, and Uber. The cost of a bus or mass transit train is about S$1.60 one-way and about S$150 a month if you commute daily.

Germany: October is the best time to visit!

Germany is considered one of the best European countries to live in and is known for being the leader in job security. There are many career and financial opportunities, a healthy work/life balance, and an exceptional place to raise children. 

The high quality of life in Germany could come from having the lowest average working hours compared to the rest of the world. It averages at about 36 hours per week, and many professionals receive 30 days of paid time off. Also, while living there you will be able to have amazing healthcare and reliable social security.

The cost of living can be quite high in Germany, especially in Munich. The average cost to live per month is about €1,000 to €2,000 and the average annual salary is about €60,000. Most people will speak English, however you will be able to communicate more efficiently and probably find more job opportunities if you know some German.

Switzerland: The land of beautiful vistas

Switzerland can be considered the best country to live in the world as an expat. It offers opportunities for financial well-being and has a high quality of life. It can be expensive to live there, but the average expat salary can be over CHF 180,000 which is 50% higher than most countries. 

It can be the best country to live and work in, because there are numerous high-paying career opportunities, especially in the finance and banking industries. Also, it is a very safe country with quality education. The public education and especially the Swiss private schools have a very high global reputation. For studying abroad, the international schools offer exceptional education and most students end up going to school or interning in Geneva. 

The nature and landscape are what typically attract many foreigners to Switzerland. The country has hundreds of beautiful mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, hiking trails, and ski resorts. The climate is moderate and the winter is magical with a snowy wonderland. 

Now, when relocating abroad, you are probably wondering what expat life is like. In Switzerland, it can be difficult to make friends with the locals, but there are numerous expat communities that are very welcoming. Most expats typically live in Zurich or Geneva, but some also live in Basel, Lucerne, Lausanne, Bern, and Lugano.

Moving Abroad

Now that you know the top 5 best countries for expats to live in, hopefully your choice will be a little easier to make. Expats can thrive in any country, but it can be comforting to know that millions of them already have before you move abroad. We hope you find the perfect country to move to and make the most of this exciting journey. 

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